为 Hexo, Hugo 和 VSCode 添加 Markdown 流程图(Mermaid)支持

最近在写blog时想画流程图,但又因为可能会频繁修改而不想用图片。因此经过一番搜寻,发现了 mermaid这个工具,支持用 markdown 撰写 流程图,时序图,甘特图,类图 等各种(简直神器)。最让人高兴的是,Hexo(博客), Hugo(网站) 以及 VSCode 都有插件或者方法可以支持。 以下就分别介绍如何在VSCode, Hexo 以及 Hugo 中安装设置来支持 mermaid. V
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Samuel Chen

I am living in Wuhan with my wife and daughter.
Before 2010, I was living in Beijing for a long time.
My interesings are cloud technology, distributed system, data mining and mobile technologies.
In my spare time, I like to play football and swiming.
“Explorer. Dream. Discover. “ is my favorite quotation. And it is also the way I am looking for and doing.

Wuhan, China